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Green Visions Landscape Design Studio is located, in Marin County, California.

Owner-designer, Krisztina Varga, graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Landscape Architecture.

She has worked as a designer and project manager at several award-winning landscape architecture firms

in the San Francisco Bay Area before starting Green Visions.

Krisztina approaches each design as a collaborative process with the client, drafting landscapes that are personal and unique to the owner. Her vision is to create both aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor environments within any size budget—from small courtyards to estate gardens.

Gardens bring ever-changing colors, scents, sounds, filtered light, hideaway spaces and beautiful memories. Outdoor spaces are integral components of our lives where we entertain, play or simply find tranquility and relaxation.

The studio is committed to well-designed gardens that create or preserve habitats for birds, butterflies and many other visitors. Environmentally conscious designs form landscapes that fit local soil conditions and thrive on little water, with no synthetic chemicals and little maintenance.

“I look at gardens as interactive-living art. My Central European upbringing and California education helps me to define the style of every unique space from European classic to California casual or minimalist modern.”

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